Kanuyak Canoe and Kayak Decals
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Our canoe and kayak decals are based on a tradition of decorating canoes and kayaks with nature, abstract or geometric patterns. Our Tribal and Native American, Voyageur Canoe designs and contemporary animal designs continue the tradition.

5 inch sea turtle

New 5" Size

5" Decals are great for canoe and kayak paddles or smaller areas: Wolf, Bull Moose, Petroglyph Paddler, Petroglyph Sea Turtle, and more.

Kayaker Decals

Rather be kayaking? Let 'em know. Paddler Kayaker decals available in six colors. For car, boat or both.

Color Selector

All decal designs come in your choice of six colors: black, white, sand, green, blue, or red. Use our color selector to preview your color combination.

Sea Turtle Trio

A set of three sea turtles for your kayak. 7", 5", 3"! Use as a set or individually. We have dragonflies too.

Kayak Decals—A Kayak Accessory with Style

Do you have a kevlar kayak, fiberglass kayak, royalex kayak, rotomolded kayak, or composite kayak? Our kayak decals are suitable for any smooth surface. Kayak shapes and styles vary from wider recreational kayaks, to narrow sea kayaks and touring kayaks so we've designed a number of different sizes and vinyl for our decals.

  • Wow!... my wife and I just applied our decals - "Tribal Turtle" (mine) and "Wildlife Dragonfly" (hers) to our new kayaks, and they look ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC. Actually, they look like factory applied decals. They really mesh with the overall look and spirit of our Elie Strait 140 XE and Elie Strait 120 XE kayaks. What a terrific way of personalizing our "yaks". Thank you, Kanuyak!!! - M.S.

  • The decals look awesome!  The white turtles look beautiful and stick well to the smooth plastic of my paddles. - D.S.

  • You are wonderful! We are all new at this, and so happy to find a sport that we love, and can do as a family.  Thank you for the rare and unsurpassed customer service! We will send along pictures.  My kayak is a PINK Swifty Perception, and it stands out in the crowd on the water... and so will the cool black tribal turtle on that soft pink kayak!  - J.C.

  • I installed the decals last night.  They really look nice.  I am very happy with them.  I have had ‘show and tell’ at work this morning with photos from my cell phone. - J.

  • I have purchased your decals a number of times in the past and love them!! - P.

  • Got the decals. They look really good. Will recommend your company to all my friends...Thanks N.

  • I have that decal on all my boats. This very weekend I was out at Shepherdstown, WV, and had three people come up and comment on it. Thanks, M.

  • These stickers are fun and inexpensive. Well worth checking out. - paddlinglight.com

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