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Traditional Birchbark Canoes and More

Traditional birchbark canoe Ferdy Goode is keeping the traditional native-style crafts alive through making birch bark canoes, baskets and snow walkers. It wasn't until recently that I found out he was neighbor of mine "just around the corner". Ferdy has also written a number of books on the subject.  More

Lost Creek kayak paddle from Big St. Germain Lake northern Wisconsin

kayak trip lost creek WisconsinLost Creek, is a small small stream flowing into Big St. Germain Lake from Lost Lake in northern Wisconsin. Put in at the public landing on the north side of the lake and paddle west to the mouth of the creek. You will be paddling up stream but the flow will not be a hindrance. More

Mielke Lake - A quiet kayak paddle in northern Wisconsin

kayak trip mielke lake wisconsinWe've created the Kanuyak YouTube channel and kick it off with a quiet little kayak paddle trip video of Mielke Lake in northern Wisconsin. You can also go directly to the Kanuyak YouTube channel. Hope you like it. More

Map of Kayak & Canoe Launch Sites

paddling launch pointsPaddling.net has created a Kayak and Canoe Launch Sites map. There's 16,000 launch points and growing... so you can find launch sites in your area or anywhere in the country. Help them out and all our 'pals of the paddle' and update ones in your area. More

Voyageur Canoe Designs

voyageur canoe designsDesigned to be seen, voyageurs often created their designs using paint. More colorful than scraped bark, their designs many times, reflected the mark of the trading company which the voyageurs represented. More